Thursday, 16 May 2013

'Who would have thought you'd win a BAFTA for just being posh?' Francis Boulle

'Who would have thought you'd win a BAFTA for just being posh?' Made In Chelsea’s Francis Boulle announces as he receives the BAFTA award for Best Reality and Constructed Factual Show.

 The winner’s announcement was met with gasps from the audience, jibes from Graham Norton and even disapproval from the nicest men in TV, Ant and Dec. Queue immediate shock and outrage across the Twitter/media sphere, although given that the majority of the shows plots on driven by antagonism and drama, this seems only fitting.

But MIC’s popularity is no surprise. Its currently on its 5th series with a bigger cast, more ridiculous plots and higher viewing figures than ever. And brands have long been savvy to the popularity of MIC and its personalities. Whether heroes or villains of the show, brands have been quick to snap up these socialites to feature in campaigns, including St Tropez, Cadbury’s and Walkers Crisps and the media have similarly recognised their appeal, giving the stars of the show columns, blogs and guest editor spots. Even the ‘set’ has become a prime spot for brand exposure and product placement; exclusive gyms, London department stores, bars, clubs, home ware, turkey curving lessons, you name it, its been ‘placed’. And with this new endorsement as Britain’s Best Reality and Constructed Factual Show, it seems the nation’s obsession and brands association with MIC will continue for some time to come.

And with this weekend seeing the launch of the long awaited Great Gatsby film, it’s a reminder that, especially in these tough economic times, there is something incredibly entertaining about indulging in the dramas and lavish parties of rich, beautiful socialites…..oh, and that’s the sound of F. Scott Fitzgerald turning in his grave having now hinted that MIC is the modern day Great Gatsby – one of the most celebrated pieces of American literature of all time. Sorry Fitzgerald, but I’m sure Graham Norton and Ant and Dec will have your back.

*Written by someone who absolutely never indulges in reality TV rubbish….apart from at 10pm on Mondays on E4, naturally. 
Becky East